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It is a known fact and we are aware of it that availability of international quality of Float Glass in India facilitated in generation of demand of value added processed Glass products. This segment has maintained regular yearly demand growth of 30 percent during the last five years. It is projected that this will continue to grow forty to fifty percent in the coming years also because of the availability of easy and low priced home loans and reforms initiated by the government, improvement of living standard, transportation development rapid growth of commercial properties and various other factors are the reasons behind this growth.


According to information and other details gathered from the glass processors in India, we have come to the conclusion that almost all well established glass processing units have already planned or planning seriously to upgrade their existing units.


Similarly the Glass dealers are diverting their activities to Glass processing also. The value added business will not only add substantially to the profit because of comparatively better margin, will also help them to stand in competition to their counterparts in the same area. The value added business is not only profitable, it helps to establish themselves in the market. Those who will jump in first to avail of this opportunity will establish themselves comfortably and become the leader.


Unfortunately India was not prepared on this subject not to say of the past, there is not even a single well established, well equipped and well mechanized manufacturing unit of machinery/plant required for value added Glass processing. For this purpose capacity, capability, equipment, technique and infrastructure is required at their command to establish such a sophisticated unit in India. Besides millions and millions of funds are required to run the show. Unfortunately those in small sector were equipped with absolute mechanism & infrastructure  lacking of such resources and facilities. This was the reason that such small size manufacturers were in production of obsolete models with age old technique and equipment. That is why the performance and the quality of such machines are very poor. Such manufacturers have been availing of opportunity because of ignorance and lack of knowledge of those who enters first time, trapped in the false propaganda, invest their hard earned money and caught in the web. As a result of it dozens of machines are lying unused with various such first time players and offering such machines for resale to get rid of it or facing problems to operate such sub standard machines.


In the past only the sources of high tech good quality machines were imported from European market. These machines were too expensive to afford and too complicated to operate. This was also one of the main reasons why the value added Glass business in India could not flourish in the past.
In view of the problems being faced by the trade and service industry we are constantly in process of providing and development of simple but efficient mechanism, training, after sales low cost services, on line regular advise, efficient after sales net work, low cost operational training and services back up. We are regularly in process of providing machines and machineries of latest standard and quality to cover up demand in the country with facilities of after sales services, we have started exporting indigenously make machines to SAARC as well as middle east countries.
We have pleasure to announce that in the very near future we will establish World class infrastructure to produce and provide almost all requirements of this region.


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